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Clinching Machine

Available with powder coated surface, this array of Clinching Machines is required for effective joining of sheet metals without affecting surface quality of joined metal. Notable for their ergonomic look, these high performance tools come in handy for achieving trapezoital and round clinching points. Factors like height of die and thickness of metal sheet are considered during clinching process. Handle specification of this array of machines can be designed as per the exact application needs of customers. We offer this array of Clinching Machines with balancer as per the demand of clients. These tools are user friendly, have long service life and have low maintenance cost.
Product Image (Clinching Machines 1 - Mangusta)

Clinching Machines

Price: 400000.00 INR/Piece

The Mangusta was the first machine provided with built-in air pressure multiplier that has been realized. Its compactness and absence of external booster makes it extremely versatile and easy to handle, thanks to the reduced weight. Its main field of application is union of thin metal sheets in a wide variety of industrial applications such as, for example, the production of structures and machines for the refrigeration, the production of household appliances and air ducts. JuradoTools supplies Mangusta in three different geometric settings depending on alignment of the head relative to the axis of the handle: with straight head, staggered head and with head at 90. On request it can be equipped with a balancer. The Mangusta is able to perform both trapezoidal and round clinching points.

Product Image (Mouse X 60)

Clinching Tool

Price: 5000.00 - 5010.00 EUR (€) /Box

Clinching machine for joining of sheet metal

Product Image (PIRANA)

Hand Clinching Machine

Price: 5000 EUR (€) /Piece

Tool is used for manufacture of pocket filters, white goods & appliances. This tool joins metal sheets with out fasteners.

Product Image (Python)

Sheet Metal Clinching Machine

Price: 550000 INR/Box

Clinching machine for joining of sheet metal

Product Image (CT1)

Clinching Equipment

Price: 500000 INR/Piece

Cold Welding Tool, Clinching Tool, Stitch Folding Tool

Product Image (Condor 2A)

Hand Clinching Tool

Price: 500000 INR/Piece

Pneumatic tool for Metal stitching. Does not generate heat & preserves the metal coating / pre-painting

Product Image (Clinching Machines 2 - PIRANA)

PIRANA Clinching Tool

Price: 572000.00 INR/Piece

Information The Pirana is an extremely light clamp able to join metal sheets up to 2,0 mm of total thickness. Its lightness and compactness make it a versatile and handy machine able to adapt to a wide range of situations, also thanks to possibility to have alignment of the head in three different settings relative to the axis of the handle: straight, staggered and at 90. Its field of application, extremely various, extends, for example, from the production of metal furniture to the refrigeration sector. Pirana is a clinching tool that can be supplied with balancer and is able to perform both trapezoidal and round clinching points.


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